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08 Mar 2012

Five in a Row: FIAT Boasts Lowest CO2 Emissions in Europe

FIAT is Europe's lowest CO2-producer by vehicles sold for the fifth consecutive year. Average CO2 output of 118.2gkm, down 4.9g/km compared to previous year. FIAT is also the lowest CO2-producer by vehicle sold as a Grou with 123.3g/km.

Five in a Row: FIAT Boasts Lowest CO2 Emissions in Europe


For the consecutive fifth year, the FIAT Automobiles brand has recorded the lowest level of CO2 emissions by vehicles sold in Europe in 2011, with an average measurement of just 118.2g/km, some 4.9g/km less than the 2010 average.

FIAT Group also ranked first in Europe, with 123.3 g/km, an improvement of 2.6g/km on last year. The record is certified by JATO Dynamics, the world's leading automotive consultancy and research firm.

Over the last 5 years, FIAT Automobiles has reduced its average CO2 emissions by 14%, from 137.3g/km to 118.2 g/km, significantly lower than the 130g/km target set out by the European Union for 2015.

This result is a direct consequence of Fiat's many environmentally friendly "Air Technologies" such as the award-winning TwinAir and MultiJet engines and the promotion of alternative fuels such as Methane and LPG.

FIAT's eco:Drive initiative, though not part of JATO research, encourages drivers to adopt a more sustainable driving style and often results in participants achieving even lower real-world CO2 emissions than the type-approved ratings.


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