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29 Oct 2020

PEUGEOT PARTNER 4x4 DANGEL surprised specialists and was declared the best van in Lithuania

Off-road capabilities, a comfortable driver’s seat and modern safety systems are usually only available on a few different models. PEUGEOT has decided to change this and combine all the benefits in one attractive offer for businesses. This versatile car became the new PARTNER 4x4 DANGEL, which received a special evaluation from Lithuanian commercial transport specialists. At the awards ceremony of the Commercial Car 2020 competition that took place this weekend, this model was announced as the best cargo van.

PEUGEOT PARTNER 4x4 DANGEL surprised specialists and was declared the best van in Lithuania

The Commissioners emphasized that the vehicle is an excellent model for specialized companies (electricity or gas network maintenance), as well as for public services, such as the police or the army. The closed body can carry large non-standard loads, overcome poor roads or even off-road and at the same time the driver can enjoy all the comforts of a car.
The four-wheel-drive version offers all of PEUGEOT’S intelligent equipment, so this model features the most important systems of an advanced passenger car, including emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, auto-high beam, and driver fatigue monitoring.

High, but stable

Jurgis Paplaitis, a member of the commission for the competition for the best commercial car, pointed out that the PEUGEOT PARTNER cargo van prepared by DANGEL has become an exclusive van. The model is equipped with a four-wheel drive that works with a viscous coupling.
“When the front axle wheels are turned, the hydraulic coupling locks and the torque is transmitted to the rear wheels. It’s a classic system,” said the interlocutor.
The driver can choose between three modes - two-wheel drive, automatic, where torque is transmitted to the rear axle only when needed, and permanent four-wheel drive.

The PEUGEOT PARTNER 4x4 DANGEL became the biggest surprise in this year's commercial vehicle competition for the member of the Commercial Vehicle 2020 commission Karolis Šimkus, who is also the sales manager of the commercial vehicle modification company. He appreciated the off-road capabilities of this model and even questioned the advantage of pick-ups. 205 millimetres of ground clearance and an activated permanent gear with differential lock turned the van into a true offroad vehicle.
“The weight of such a van is noticeably lower than that of any pickup truck, and it is also equipped with special tires, so it would be arguable which would be better in poor road conditions, which would drive more in off-road with an additional 300 kilograms in the cargo compartment,” he said.

More attractive to drivers

During the tests, Šimkus was most surprised by how stable the PEUGEOT was. The car didn’t sway at all, although even visually it was seen that this model was much higher than the standard version. The commercial transport expert had some fears that noise could be annoying inside but later made sure that he was wrong – it was quiet inside the cabin.
“This French company (DANGEL) has been preparing high-capacity models for a long time and has already become known as a strong professional company,” the interlocutor noted.

In his opinion, no less important is the fact that the 4x4 DANGEL version inherited all the interior equipment from the standard model: it is equipped with a compact steering wheel, a modern dashboard with a new generation of multimedia equipment.
“It’s no longer one of those old commercial cars that wasn’t fun to drive because they were strictly for work only. The aim of such models was only to keep them as low as possible and to make the most of space. PEUGEOT is not like that - this model is also focused on the driver,” a company representative commented.
Mr Paplaitis was also surprised by a good quality sound system that would be good enough for many passenger cars.

More customization options

According to K. Šimkus, another advantage of the high-capacity van is cheaper operation and easier adaptation of the closed cargo compartment. When you buy a pickup truck, you still have to think about what to cover the back of and what to do when loading extremely large items, which will not fit then.
“Some loads need to be protected from rain; others may be sensitive to temperature changes - a closed body solves this. It is also possible to install a mobile workshop in the van - these advantages are often useful,” said the specialist.

A company spokesperson was surprised that the much higher all-terrain van retained its excellent handling characteristics. He even told other members of the competition commission that if they were seeking for the best lap time at the Šiauliai autodrome during the tests, PEUGEOT would have been able to be the fastest.
PEUGEOT PARTNER 4x4 DANGEL is equipped with a 1.5-liter Blue HDi Diesel engine with 131 hp and 300 Nm of torque. The average fuel consumption (according to WLTP) is 6.1 l / 100 km. The van can carry cargo weighing up to 802 kilograms.

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