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23 Nov 2013

PEUGEOT launches the PEUGEOT 301 in China and accelerates its development in the biggest automobile market in the world

PEUGEOT is taking the opportunity of the Canton (Guangzhou) Motor Show to launch the PEUGEOT 301 and announce the arrival of the new 2008, sales of which will start in April 2014. As an introduction to the opening of the motor show on 21 November, PEUGEOT officially launched the PEUGEOT 301, during a national launch convention that brought together more than 1,000 guests from the press and the dealer network at the Asian Games Stadium at Canton on 19 November. With the launch of the PEUGEOT 301, built at the Wuhan plant (a DPCA JV in the province of Hubei), PEUGEOT widens its range and strengthens its presence in the strategic C segment, which represents more than 50% of the Chinese market, with an affordable and satisfying product that meets customer expectations, centred around practicality in use, multi-role ability and a rational approach to purchase. In this way, PEUGEOT expects to continue its strong acceleration in China: at the end of October 2013, with more than 225,000 units sold, PEUGEOT’s sales have grown by 29%, nearly double the rate of growth of the market (+18%).

PEUGEOT launches the PEUGEOT 301 in China and accelerates its development in the biggest automobile market in the world

Launch of the PEUGEOT 301 in China:

A year after its launch in the Maghreb and the Eastern Europe region, followed by the Middle East in spring 2013, the 301 is a real success in all the markets where it is sold, with more than 60,000 sales to date. The sales objectives in these zones have been exceeded and the production capacity at the Vigo plant increased to meet the demand. In 2014, PEUGEOT is aiming at production and total sales of 130,000 units for the PEUGEOT 301.

The PEUGEOT 301 bears all of the marque’s contemporary styling cues. It has been adapted by the close collaboration between the design centres at Vélizy (ADN) and Shanghai to create a homogenous and coherent whole, so as to meet the specific demands of Chinese customers.

In its first year, Dongfeng Peugeot forecasts sales of 60,000 units of 301, in order to meet the expectations of the market and supply a sales distribution network, which is already growing strongly with 408 dealerships at the end of 2013.

With this new launch, DongFeng Peugeot now offers the most diverse range ever offered by the marque, to feed its aspirations for growth, the development plans for the marque and for its dealer network.

The Peugeot 301 is a car that illustrates perfectly the harmony that exists between the PEUGEOT marque’s world strategy and DongFeng Peugeot‘s strategy of development for the Chinese market.

PEUGEOT at the Guangzhou International Motor Show

The Guangzhou International Motor Show is the second most important motor show in China, after Beijing and Shanghai, which alternate from one year to next.

Once again this year, DongFeng Peugeot will create a sensation with the reveal of the PEUGEOT 2008, built locally at Wuhan and which will be launched in April 2014.

On a 1190 sq. m. stand presenting 14 cars, DongFeng Peugeot is exhibiting the youngest and widest range in its history in China, an expression of French allure with a complete vehicle offering: 301, 307cross, 308, 408, 508, 3008 and the imported 2008, 4008, RCZ and 308 CC vehicles.

Ambitious objectives in China for the period 2013 - 2015

China represents a strategic issue for the PEUGEOT marque, which plans an unprecedented level of development, supported by an ambitious product plan which will see the launch of 6 new models between 2013 and 2015. In 2014, in addition to 301, there will be 3 new models launched to boost the marque’s footprint in China.

By 2015, PEUGEOT will have a network of 500 dealerships operating at the marque’s highest standards, providing geographic coverage of 85% of the Chinese territory (compared to 74% today) and has fixed an objective of 450,000 annual sales, more than twice the volume achieved in 2012.

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