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07 Dec 2020

PEUGEOT 208 / e-208: Awarded “Best Imported Car Of The Year” in Japan

Groupe PSA Japan CO., Ltd. is pleased to announce that PEUGEOT 208 and e-208 were awarded best “Imported Car Of The Year” by COTY-Japan, on December 7th. They obtained the highest scores among all imported cars nominated in 2020. It is the very first time that PEUGEOT has won this award.

PEUGEOT 208 / e-208: Awarded “Best Imported Car Of The Year” in Japan

The Japan-COTY Commission comments this Award as below:
“The reason why this Price was awarded is that PEUGEOT 208 and e-208 had realized a high-class elegant driving sensation thanks to the combination between its body with high rigidity and the smooth suspension. Moreover, the handling for the Driver is excellent, because it allows him to make an excellent cornering drive at his ease. With a high content of interior design and its precise and refined finish of the whole, this Model was highly appreciated for its availability under EV-version, e-208, having all the rich torque function of smooth start that we can see with its gasoline version. Its retail price of less than 4 million JPY for this EV version is also another factor to appreciate the advantages of this Model.”

The 208 and e-208 are the compact hatch-backs with PEUGEOT heritage, with stylish and condensed contents of exterior design, and with 3D i-Cockpit® adopted to prove both functionality and the Brand’s elaborate interior design, providing UI and UX which lead automotive industry, with its exciting driving realized thanks to the new generation platform CMP (Common Modular Platform) of Groupe PSA.
Moreover, thanks to this CMP, the concept of “Power of Choice” is appealed to the market, allowing to propose cars both under Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and under full-electric version (BEV) at the same time. The overall Ownership cost within 3 years under 30,000 Km driving mileage are more or less at the same level between the 208 and e-208 (calculated under internal simulation), which means that it will be possible to purchase an BEV under almost the same cost as to purchase an ICE vehicle. This time, we are proud to know that the arrival of PEUGEOT e-208 under an affordable price was appreciated by the COTY jury, with its potential to promote more the “electrification” in Japan.

Thomas Vilcot, Representative Director and CEO of Groupe PSA Japan Co., Ltd., comments about this Award as below:
“We are very happy and honored to have received such an important Award, the best Imported car of the year in the framework of Japan-Car Of The Year Award. This year, all the nominated cars in COTY award were very nice. In such a competitive context, we are particularly honored NEW PEUGEOT 208 and e-208 were so positively perceived and they impressed all the journalists to the point we could win. We are all at Peugeot very proud and humbled.
Also, with the introduction of the NEW e-208 on the Japanese market, we are particularly proud, as an import Car Maker in japan, to be able to offer an “accessible BEV” to our Japan customers. Through this Award of Import Car Of the Year by COTY-Japan, we are happy to be able to push forward an important Peugeot Brand’s concept, the POWER OF CHOICE, which allows our customers to choose freely the car matching best their lifestyle and tastes, available with both internal combustion engine (ICE) or in fully electric version.”

The 208 and e-208 have been already awarded with many prices such as Car Of The Year in Europe, Red Dot Design, which also proves their good global sales performance. Since its launch in Japan in July, this new Model benefits from a big success by a large public with different profiles, making already a great performance with cumulative sales of 1,923 units (of which 1,818 of 208 and 105 of e-208) as of December 6th.
This year, the Brand celebrates its 210th Anniversary, and it is a great honour at this timing for the Brand to be awarded with the best Imported Car Of The Year in Japan. As far as we, Groupe PSA Japan, are concerned, our mission to provide the mobility with UNBORING THE FUTURE concept to the Japanese customers will be pursued and appealed even stronger with this Award.

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