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26 Aug 2021

The Cycles PEUGEOT pro team achieved a historic one-two result by taking the top two spots in the general classification of the French Cup for electrically assisted Enduro mountain bikes. Yannick Pontal and Mathieu Ruffray, riders of the PEUGEOT eM01 FS e-bikes, secured this result by coming 2nd and 4th in the final round, Sunday 22nd August in Thollon les Mémises (Haute Savoie). In parallel, the PEUGEOT rider Morgane Jonnier finished in the top 5 of the French Enduro Mountain Bike (non electric) Championship which also took place this weekend in Thollon. Cycles PEUGEOT, whose Team Pro is committed to Enduro races, is also a partner of the French Cup. Competing is part of the manufacturer's electrification strategy and is a clear demonstration of the performance and reliability of its bikes.

07 Jul 2021

Cycles PEUGEOT has achieved the double at the end of the first round of the French Cup of Electric Mountain Bike Enduro, Sunday July 4th in Risoul (Hautes Alpes). Its riders Mathieu Ruffray and Yannick Pontal have confirmed their brilliant form at the beginning of the season. It is a success for Cycles PEUGEOT, also the sponsor of the French Cup of e-MTB and MTB. The involvement in e-MTB competition reaffirms PEUGEOT's electrification strategy and demonstrates the performance and reliability of its bikes. The next round of the French Cup will take place on 21 and 22 August in Haute Savoie.

23 Jun 2021

Yannick Pontal, star rider of the Cycles PEUGEOT team finished 2nd at the end of the first round of the French MTB Enduro Cup, Sunday 20th June in Val d'Allos (Alpes de Haute Provence). His teammate Mathieu Ruffray finished 6th in a fierce competition. With this success, Cycles PEUGEOT, sponsor of the French Cup, demonstrates the quality, robustness and performance of its mountain bikes. The next meeting will take place on the 3rd and 4th of July for the second round of the French Mountain Bike and e-Mountain Bike Cup in Risoul (Hautes Alpes).

21 Jan 2021

The PEUGEOT Cycles expand their e-Bikes range with the new Crossover bike, urban and versatile. It combines a comfortable high driving position, a mixed “city” frame and wide tyres that allow for easy clearing of obstacles. Its BOSCH Performance CX engine and 500 Wh capacity battery make it an ideal choice for city dwellers on their commuting journeys as well as on walks. The design is sleek and modern, with the battery built into the frame. Designed and assembled in France, the PEUGEOT eC01 PowerTube Crossover bike (e=electric C=City 01=High-end) is available from January 2021 at the price of €3,199 incl. VAT, from the website as well as from Velo & Oxygen shops.

15 Dec 2020

PEUGEOT Cycles supports children from a very young age with its J12 walking bikes. These new pedal-less bikes will appeal to little ones and their parents with their attractive design and acid colours as well as their comfort. They complete the junior range of PEUGEOT bikes. The “Legend Junior” models, with their timeless style, introduce children between two and six years old to the freedom of cycling. Two “Junior Mountain” mountain bikes are dedicated to young adventurers up to the age of 12. The new PEUGEOT walking bikes are available as of today at the price of €99 including VAT on the website, on the and websites and in Velos & Oxygen shops.

14 Oct 2020

As part of their partnership with PEUGEOT Cycles, Fnac and Darty are expanding their urban mobility offerings with two new electric bicycles from the iconic French brand: the “Legend” eLC01 city bicycle with a neo-retro design and the versatile eT01 trekking bicycle. Ensuring that even the youngest riders can get in on the action, the group will also be selling the J12 pushbike. Now available for pre-order on and, these urban mobility solutions will be on show in special display areas in thirty French stores starting November 20.

05 Oct 2020

PEUGEOT Cycles and the famous Alpine destination of La Plagne (Savoie, France) have joined forces to promote summer mountain biking at the ski resort. PEUGEOT Cycles already equips La Plagne's "bike patrols". To increase their visibility, the partners are unveiling the "Super Huit". This ambitious event open to amateurs and professionals will be held from 8 to 11 July 2021. With an original and adventurous spirit format, it will include two electric mountain biking and mountain biking events. The courses have been tested and approved by the PEUGEOT Cycles Team and are designed to offer maximum enjoyment to riders.

26 Aug 2020

During the first round of the "Enduro" French Cup of MTB and electric MTB which took place this weekend in Val d'Allos (France), Morgane Jonnier, Elite Driver of the PEUGEOT Cycles Team finished at a very nice 5th place of the MTB event while Nicolas Lau, leading Driver of the Team, was 7th of the electric MTB event. For the 2020 season, PEUGEOT Cycles is a partner of the "Enduro" MTB & e-MTB French Cup. The brand will be present in the EWS-E (Enduro World Series - Electric) international competitions. The commitment of PEUGEOT Cycles in e-MTB competition is reinforcing the electrification strategy of PEUGEOT, illustrated with its electrified 2- and 4-wheeled vehicles. The competition offers an international showcase for PEUGEOT e-Bikes. The high-performance PEUGEOT eM01 FS PowerTube bike, developed by riders, is their major asset. LE COQ SPORTIF signs their legendary black-and-white chequered jersey. The PEUGEOT Cycles Team, managed by Vincent Ancelin, is reinforced in 2020. Morgane Jonnier, 2 podiums in e-MTB competitions in 2019, becomes a professional rider while Nicolas Lau, Elite rider, will aim for the top 5.

23 Jul 2020

PEUGEOT Cycles launches six « Crossover » electrically assisted bikes, which overlap the trekking and mountain bikes features. These multi-purpose bikes meet the enthusiasm of cyclists, who will ride them for commuting and leisure as well. The elegant design of the PEUGEOT bikes eT01 (e=electric, T=trekking) Crossover is fluid, thanks to their in-frame battery BOSCH PowerTube. Their powerful BOSCH engines and large tyres strengthen their trekking capabilities. The FS (Full Suspension) models provide comfort whatever the road, the path or the slope. The New e-Bikes Crossover are designed in France and assembled in Romilly sur Seine (Aube, France). They are available from the PEUGEOT Cycles dealers.

26 Jun 2020

PEUGEOT Cycles launches the “Reconnexion” campaign in France, from June 23rd to July 1st. Electrically assisted bikes for the city, the road, the trekking and Mountain are immediately available for sale on line. Free delivery is proposed for every e-Bike ordered on the website An exceptional €1,000 discount is applied to the road bikes eR02. After the success story of the selling on line operation at the end of May, these new offers on the PEUGEOT e-Bikes range in stock will meet the enthusiasm of the cyclists. The PEUGEOT e-Bikes in stock are also available from the PEUGEOT Cycles dealers.

26 May 2020

PEUGEOT proposes e-Bikes for the city and trekking that are practical, comfortable and versatile. These models in stock are available for sale online at and from the PEUGEOT Cycles dealers. PEUGEOT is responding to the enthusiasm of cyclists for e-Bikes, a real alternative to public transport in the spring of 2020. Their success should accelerate with the tax incentives granted in France (up to 500 euros). PEUGEOT bikes are designed in France by PEUGEOT Design Lab and assembled at the CYCLEUROPE factory in Romilly sur Seine (France, Aube). With its range of e-Bikes, PEUGEOT provides a global 360° electrified mobility offer.

28 Apr 2020

The urban electrically-assisted bike PEUGEOT eLC01 (e=electric, L=LEGEND, C= City, 01= top-of-the-range is now available with 26 inches wheels, complementary to the 24 inches current model. It fits all the riders, providing more comfort. This versatility, combined with its modernity and Neo-Retro design asserts the eLC01 as the best-seller of the PEUGEOT Cyles e-bikes range. The PEUGEOT eLC01 with 26 inches wheels is now available on the website as well as at PEUGEOT Cycles retailers at the price of € 1,499 inc. VAT.

14 Oct 2019

At the Roc d’Azur event, PEUGEOT Cycles world revealed its high-performance electric mountain bike, the eM01 FS PowerTube (e = electric, M = Mountain, 01 = high-end, FS = Full Suspension, PowerTube = battery integrated in frame). The new model targets competitive riders and experienced amateurs with its lightweight and exclusively designed frame, BOSCH motor and built-in screen. PEUGEOT Cycles also announced two partnerships for the 2020 season, one with LE COQ SPORTIF on the development of a range of lifestyle apparel and one with LA PLAGNE on the promotion of summertime electric mountain biking at the world’s most visited resort. Roc d’Azur, the leading mountain bike show drawing nearly 150,000 enthusiasts, was held in Fréjus, France, from 9 to 13 October.

08 Oct 2019

During the last WES round in Barcelona (Spain) on October 5, Morgane Jonnier, Elite rider of the PEUGEOT Cycles team, finished 3rd in the women's "Enduro" race. Nicolas Lau, leading rider of the Team and Jean-Roch Vecten placed 12th and 25th in the men's "Enduro" race. At the end of the season, Nicolas Lau who faced fierce competition, finished 10th in the overall ranking and allows Team PEUGEOT Cycles to join the top ten. PEUGEOT Cycles’ commitment to WES, the 1st international championship of electrically assisted mountain bike racing series, is in line with PEUGEOT's global electrification strategy.

09 Sep 2019

Morgane Jonnier, for her first participation to the WES, finished 2nd of the female “Enduro” competition at the end of the WES Round 3 on September 7th. Nicolas Lau, the PEUGEOT Cycles Team leader and Jean-Roch Vecten, finished 9th and 17th in the male “Enduro” competition. This result boosts the PEUGEOT Cycles racing Team standing before the ultimate round of the season in Barcelona. PEUGEOT Cycles’ involvement in the WES, the first international electric mountain-bike racing series, is consistent with the PEUGEOT brand electrification strategy.

06 May 2019

PEUGEOT CYCLES’ involvement in the 2019 World E-bike Series (WES), the first international electric mountain-bike racing series, is consistent with the PEUGEOT brand electrification strategy. Facing a fierce competition, Nicolas Lau, the Team leader, finished 13th in the Enduro competition. Jean-Roch Vecten and Vincent Ancelin finished 23rd and 24th, respectively, in the 2nd round of the EWS in Ascona-Locarno (Switzerland) on 4 May. This result reinforces the PEUGEOT Cycles racing Team’s standing at the halfway point of the 2019 season. Fans of the Team with its iconic black-and-white chequered jersey will be able to cheer on their cyclists on 14 September in Italy for the penultimate WES round.

18 Mar 2019

The new Peugeot Trekking and Road e-bikes are high-tech showcases for the PEUGEOT Cycles brand. The new range features the BOSCH PowerTube battery integrated into the frame and are recognisable by their clean and distinctive lines. The six versatile Trekking e-bikes are fitted with comfortable front suspension forks while rear suspension is also available on certain models. Two road e-bikes complete the range, bringing the same next-gen technology to those wanting to tackle the most challenging road rides. The entire range is fitted with the compact BOSCH 500 Wh PowerTube battery, seamlessly integrated into the bike frame. This configuration provides the bikes with a low centre of gravity giving optimal balance and agility. The battery is easily removed from the upper side of the down tube ensuring that it is always shielded from projections. Riding both uphill and downhill is equally dynamic thanks to the BOSCH Active Line Plus motor that gives the PEUGEOT eT01 Trekking and eR02 Road bikes instant power. These new e-bikes round out the PEUGEOT PowerTube range that was introduced with the eM02 and eM02 FS mountain bikes. The full range is available now from all PEUGEOT Cycles dealers.

22 Feb 2019

PEUGEOT Cycles is entering the electric race. The PEUGEOT riders, bikes and sponsors were revealed on 22 February at the PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB Studio in Vélizy (France). PEUGEOT CYCLES are taking part in the 2019 World E-Bike Series (WES), international electric mountain-bike racing series. This event will be a showcase for PEUGEOT’s range of high performance electric bikes. PEUGEOT CYCLES has over ten years of expertise in e-Bikes with a cycling history stretching back to 1885. Nicolas Lau will be riding in PEUGEOT’s legendary black-and-white chequered colours alongside Morgane Jonnier, current holder of the French Mountain-Bike Cup, Jean-Roch Vecten and team manager Vincent Ancelin. The entire team will take part in a numerous races in 2019, and will also be present at public events such as the Roc d’Azur: save the dates!

17 Dec 2018

The French Institute of Design awarded this label to the PEUGEOT eF01 electric folding bicycle during the ceremony held on 17 December at the Quai d’Orsay in Paris. The jury was convinced by the “last kilometre” mobility concept of the bicycle, the simplicity and rapidity of its folding mechanism and its value for money. The designers at the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio imagined this folding system and the optimal compactness of this bicycle to facilitate its multimodal use.

21 Nov 2018

For cycling fans, PEUGEOT is launching a new clothing line designed by PEUGEOT Design Lab. For the new collection, the studio's designers have reinterpreted PEUGEOT Cycles famous black and white chequerboard and classic logos. The new line is available now at PEUGEOT’s online store.

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