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28 Jun 2019

Successful Trio: Opel Launches New Vivaro, Movano and Combo

Successful Trio: Opel Launches New Vivaro, Movano and Combo

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  • Opel LCV portfolio the youngest on the market
  • Strong rise in demand for Combo Cargo and co.
  • Light commercial vehicles now sold by every Opel dealer

Rüsselsheim. The Opel light commercial vehicle range is available in hundreds of variants for every purpose. Vans, tippers, crew cabs and conversions make the Combo, Vivaro and Movano successful and popular with customers. More than one million units of the Vivaro alone have been produced since its launch in 2001. The current generation of the Movano, the biggest in Opel’s LCV portfolio, has been sold around 170,000 times and belongs to the top ten bestsellers in its class. This underlines the importance of the LCV strategy at Opel. The German brand has started a model offensive for light commercial vehicles as well as for passenger cars.

Combo, Vivaro and Movano: three launches in one year

The youngest generation of the compact Opel Combo van went on sale last year. The Combo Cargo LCV version immediately won the respected “International Van Of The Year Award”, while the Combo Life passenger car variant was voted “Best Buy Car Of Europe 2019” by the international AUTOBEST jury. Also brand new is the third generation of the Opel Vivaro, which will already be joined by a pure battery electric version next year. Last, but not least, the Opel Movano will arrive at dealers later this summer – offering excellent safety, full connectivity and high variability. With these new models Opel has the youngest LCV portfolio on the market. All three perfectly meet a variety of commercial needs, make working life easier with their comfort features and offer top technologies that are unrivalled in their respective market segments.

Heading for growth: Higher LCV-sales in Q1 2019

Opel’s light commercial vehicle offensive is already gaining traction, with the brand registering global LCV sales of almost 33,000 units in the first quarter of the year – an increase of 35 percent compared to the same period of 2018. The registration market share in Europe (E30) was up by 0.6 percentage points from January to March and is now at 4.7 percent. Opel has set itself the target of increasing LCV sales by 25 percent by 2020 in its PACE! company plan.

Customer demand for both the Movano (+18%) as well as the Vivaro (+33%) was significantly stronger than last year. However, the LCV variant of the new Opel Combo was the main driver behind the growth. The “International Van of the Year 2019” was sold around 6,900 times in the first three months of the year – an impressive increase of 68 percent compared to sales of its predecessor in the first quarter of 2018. The new Vivaro will give Opel even more momentum. It has been on sale since the end of March for prices starting at €25,000 (RRP excluding VAT in Germany). The Movano will arrive in late summer at the dealers.

More widely available: LCVs now at all Opel dealers

The importance of light commercial vehicles for Opel is also reflected in the revised location of dealerships. Previously customers had to consult special LCV centres. Opel has extended the LCV business to all Opel dealers, who can now sell and display LCVs in their showroom. Movano, Vivaro and Combo are thus more widely available and customers have shorter distances to travel.


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