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30 Nov 2018

#StandardEvolved: Opel Campaign with GT X Experimental Starts

#StandardEvolved: Opel Campaign with GT X Experimental Starts
  • Clear message: “The standard has been redefined! The Opel GT X Experimental“
  • Bold campaign: Online clips combine modern zeitgeist with brand vision
  • German, approachable, exciting: Trendsetting brand concept emphasises Opel values

Rüsselsheim. Opel is looking forward to an exciting future as a brand and is setting new standards with the GT X Experimental. The brand concept embodies the Opel values and visions while also giving a preview of what future models will look like: with a bold and pure appearance while simultaneously being appealing, approachable and customer-oriented. Opel has now connected this brand vision with a clear and cosmopolitan attitude with the new online and social media campaign “#StandardEvolved”.

In cooperation with VICE Brand Solutions, Opel scoured the streets of Berlin for millennials firmly based in the centre of society who simultaneously reflect the diversity of Germany – from Brazilian graphics designer Rafa and Bavarian tattoo artist Max to fashion designer Daniel and Don. They all embody a humane, cosmopolitan and tolerant attitude. This makes them the perfect fit for Opel’s brand image: bold and pure while simultaneously approachable and exciting – just like the GT X Experimental.

“Our customers – no matter where they live or where they are originally from – are the compass for everything we do. Making innovative technologies available for all has been our driver for 120 years of Opel automotive history. The Opel GT X Experimental builds on this tradition and shows our new bold vision for the future of the brand,” said Opel Director Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications Tobias Gubitz.

From standard to #StandardEvolved: The Future is Everyone’s!

Opel has been making trendsetting automotive developments available to a broad audience for 120 years already. The Rüsselsheim-based carmaker democratises innovative technologies in line with its credo “The Future is Everyone’s”. At the same time, Opel is undeniably a brand with German roots. This has also been an Opel Standard. The best in German traditions – outstanding engineering, the fascination for precision, functionality, quality and reliability – is now meeting a friendly and cosmopolitan attitude along with exciting styling. This is how Opel is redefining the stand. And the GT X Experimental embodies the values of a modern, progressive Germany in all its technologies and with its emotional design. This is the message of the new Opel campaign #StandardEvolved that can now be seen on social media channels from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to YouTube and on the company-owned #StandardEvolved website or the VICE network. The cooperation with VICE Brand Solutions, the media brand for young people, enables Opel to tap into new groups of buyers. VICE reaches more than seven million people with its award-winning content on all platforms and channels.

Two phases: Bold, cosmopolitan culture influences people and mobility

In the first phase of the campaign Opel will present the values and people that stand for a new, modern zeitgeist in Germany in films and posts: Young people who are, at least at first glance, not part of the mainstream while still moving in the centre of society and whose standards evolve because of their uniqueness. “I want to change peoples’ perception and confront them with the unusual – that is how to create acceptance,” said tattoo artist Max. All of the faces of the campaign agree that this is the mark of a cosmopolitan culture. “Germany means freedom. It does not matter where you come from. You can dress how you like. You can kiss who you want to. And it’s ok.”

Bold, clear, direct while simultaneously being friendly and emotional – not only the new cultural standards are being redefined by these values. The Opel GT X Experimental is also the automotive symbol for this. The company will use the second phase of the campaign, set to start in mid-December, to show its vision for the future with the aid of the brand concept. Just as culture is always evolving, the GT X Experimental gives a preview of what Opel models will be like from the mid-2020s and how they will make life easier with the design and technologies. Clear lines, a bold design with the trademark Opel Compass and Opel Vizor and the technologies that lie underneath and only become obvious when they are needed. The Opel GT X Experimental focuses on the essential, on that what really counts and really helps the driver. The new Opel brand concept thus reflects the intentions of the millennials involved in the campaign by showing what is possible and opening society for new things.


Philipp Quanz
Manager Electronic Media
Tel.: +49 6142/7-73 618
Mobile: +49 170 225 2320

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