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09 Dec 2019

New Opel Corsa-e Keeps The Lights On at Christmas

New Opel Corsa-e Keeps The Lights On at Christmas
  • New 1:43 scale models: Corsa and Corsa-e as collectors’ items
  • Made by Minichamps: to order in January for €29.90 in Germany


Rüsselsheim. Once upon a time, Santa and the elves retired the reindeer and opted for a new Opel Corsa-e instead. The state-of-charge of the lithium-ion battery was sufficient to keep the lights on the Christmas tree twinkling, as well as power the delivery of presents!

Santa’s Corsa might be exclusively reserved for urgent business over the next few weeks, but collectors can take delivery of their own new Corsa or Corsa-e very soon – as a die-cast model, made by Minichamps. The order bank will open in January 2020, at an attractive of €29.90 (RRP including VAT in Germany).

In their transparent display boxes, the 1:43 scale models in “Summit White” (Corsa) or “Power Orange” (Corsa-e) look magic on any shelf or table. Opel’s model car expert, Dirk Hannig, and the specialists from Minichamps pored over every detail during the creation of the mini versions. Just like the real car, the roof and outer mirrors are glossy black. Behind the delicate wheels (which share the original’s “BiColor” design) the brake calipers are clearly visible. Tiny reproductions of Opel’s lightning flash logo proudly adorn the front grille and rear hatch. Even the interior features miniature versions of the actual comfortable seats.

Such devotion to detail requires careful planning. Each eye-catching model consists of around 80 parts, which are produced with 50 different tools. The development process from first 3D data to finished product lasts more than 12 months. The precision tools alone take four months to make. At the end of the process emerge highly detailed mini replicas of the new Opel Corsa and Opel Corsa-e.


Martin Golka

Group Manager International Product Communications
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Manager International Product Communications
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