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23 Sep 2021

New Opel Astra Social Media Campaign: Bold, Pure and Modern

New Opel Astra Social Media Campaign: Bold, Pure and Modern
  • Exciting: New Astra social media campaign makes the Blitz logo shine brighter
  • German: Astra comes from Rüsselsheim and so does its communication
  • Approachable: Three documentaries with Opel experts showcase “made in Germany”


Rüsselsheim.  The new Astra is the challenger in its class, developed, designed and produced at Opel’s Rüsselsheim headquarters in Germany. Its modern concept will create new movement in the market, underlined by a new social media campaign that reloads the Astra with new self-confidence and makes the brand’s Blitz logo shine even brighter.

The hero video of the campaign introduces the new Astra to the world in a setup that showcases Opel’s new, bold look and makes a strong case for the renewed corporate identity and the brand colour, yellow.

As if the audience would steer a speed drone, it gets immersed into the universe of the new Astra in first-person view. Driving shots created with the support of professional drivers on a closed track show both the car’s “Autobahn-proof” credentials as well as its sensational design.

“The new Opel Astra is a design statement for the brand and showing that properly was the main objective of the Social Media team”, said Quentin Huber, Head of Brand Strategy and Social Media at Opel. “Dynamic as never before, a stunning bold and pure design with the new brand face – the Opel Vizor – in the spotlight. Our reveal video shows at first glance that the Astra is ready to define a new era.”

Opel experts play a starring role

The Astra’s journey comes to life in three documentaries focused on Opel experts that managed its development, design and manufacturing. The campaign pays special tribute to the Opel team, which has done great things in the past few years to challenge the status quo in the C-segment and to strengthen the profile of the Astra.

Without scripts and pre-defined messages, the Opel experts take the viewer into the work of the teams they lead and, each in their field, make a case on how the new Astra is a German challenger and makes Opel’s Blitz logo shine even brighter. Opel Astra Chief Engineer Mariella Vogler explains how out of the box thinking led Opel to develop a new benchmark in the compact class segment. Designer Ilka Höbermann points out what makes the new Astra step out of line from a design perspective and Rüsselsheim Plant Manager Michael Lewald leads the audience into a new era of electric vehicle production.

“Social media is all about driving excitement and the new Astra is the perfect subject for such an objective”, said Philipp Quanz, Group Manager Social Media at Opel. “We recognized this as an opportunity to present Opel and the new Astra as bold, pure and contemporary to our community as well as to new audiences, the true new face of Opel”.

Campaign bridges gap between new Astra’s premiere and arrival at dealerships

The videos were shown for the first time during the press conference at the new Astra’s world premiere and they will be rolled out as part of the Astra’s worldwide social media communication campaign. The campaign is designed to keep the communications drumbeat at a high level, bridging the gap between the world premiere and the TV campaign that will be launched when the new Astra arrives at dealerships.

The main set of the production was the Rüsselsheim plant where the new Astra is produced. Additional content was created at Opel Design, in the studio and on a driving track – all in Germany. The production took place in August 2021 and fully respected all COVID-19 safety measures. The creative film production company that brought to life the ambition of the Opel team is also German: The Düsseldorf-based video specialists from Neuland ensured the new Astra is captured with unique moments in the strongest visual form. Neuland already convinced with another Rüsselsheim hit – the Manta GSe ElektroMOD reveal film – that has surpassed one million views on Youtube.


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