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20 Apr 2017

Bikes on Board: Transporting Bicycles is a Breeze with Opel FlexFix

Bikes on Board: Transporting Bicycles is a Breeze with Opel FlexFix

  • Quick, space-saving, safe: Carrier system integrated in bumper always ready for use
  • FlexFix makes it possible: Travel with family, lots of luggage and up to four bicycles
  • From small to large: Opel bike carrier available for ADAM, Corsa, Mokka X and Zafira


Rüsselsheim.  The bags are packed, it is a beautiful, sunny spring day outside and it’s time to go on a cycling holiday. The ideal travel companion for this is the Opel Zafira, and not only because the compact van with up to seven seats is extremely flexible and spacious. It is also the van of choice for those who want to enjoy bike tours in the warm weather because it can be equipped with the perfect on-board solution for transporting bikes: the unique, integrated FlexFix bicycle carrier.

In addition to the Zafira, the patented system is also available for the small, stylish ADAM, three and five-door Corsa models as well as the SUV bestseller Mokka X from just €590 (all prices RRP incl. VAT in Germany). Depending on model and version, FlexFix can hold up to four bicycles – quickly, practically and above all safely.

Epitome of easy: Pull out, mount bicycle – done

In contrast to conventional add-on solutions, the FlexFix bike carrier integrated in the bumper is always on board – without being in the way when it is not in use. The system can be pulled out of the rear bumper like a drawer, adjusted by hand and loaded with ease. No special fittings or tools are needed. And when the carrier is no longer needed at the destination, it disappears almost invisibly back into the rear bumper in just a few seconds. Another major advantage of the Opel FlexFix system is its superb ergonomics: as it is located close to the ground, mounting the bikes on the rails is easy and back-friendly, and makes the cumbersome overhead lifting required by roof racks obsolete. Another plus point: the stable arrangement of the FlexFix bicycle carrier at the rear of the vehicle instead of on the roof is particularly secure during a sharp braking maneuver or a collision.

And FlexFix “helps” the driver: as soon as reverse gear is engaged, an acoustic signal sounds. The audio warning reminds the driver of the larger outside dimensions due to the deployed FlexFix system. And Park Pilot also takes this into account when the driver is maneuvering and reversing into a parking space.

From small to large: FlexFix system available for four Opel models

The Zafira combines wellness and comfort with highest flexibility – with the Flex7® seating system and AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) certified ergonomic front seats in the interior and the optional FlexFix bicycle carrier at the rear. The “lounge on wheels” featuring top connectivity carries up to four bicycles (with a total weight of up to 80 kilograms) with the FlexFix extension kit. The luggage compartment remains accessible even when the FlexFix carrier is loaded, as this can be tilted back to open the tailgate. The FlexFix system for the Opel Zafira is available for €790 and the extension kit for the third and fourth bikes for €251.

FlexFix for the SUV bestseller Mokka X starts at €590 and transports one bicycle up to 30 kilograms. The extension kit for two additional bikes weighing 30 kilograms each is available for €270. The Corsa carries up to two bikes weighing 20 kilograms each for €670. And even the stylish urban car Opel ADAM can be enhanced with the optional system integrated in the rear. It can then carry either one bicycle with a maximum weight of 30 kilograms or, with the rear bicycle carrier extension kit, two bikes at 20 kilograms each. The base carrier costs €590 and the extension kit approximately €219.

Electronic helper: Safe on two and four wheels

Upon arrival at the destination, the relaxing bike tour can begin. But it is important to stay alert and keep one’s eyes open – for cars and bicyclists. Not only are cyclists often easily overlooked, at the beginning of the year there was a new law introduced in Germany that perhaps not all road users are aware of: bicycles are no longer in the pedestrian, but rather in the motor vehicle category in road traffic. This means they must comply with traffic lights. So now when drivers make a right turn, they will more often encounter a bicyclist crossing the intersection parallel to the red pedestrian light.

Opel eliminates the risk of bicyclists being overlooked in these situations or simply disappearing in the blind spot of the exterior mirror with innovative assistance systems such as the Side Blind Spot Alert. The “electronic eye” available for many Opel models monitors traffic to the left and right of the vehicle. If the electronic guardian detects an object on collision course, an amber-colored optical warning appears in the relevant exterior door mirror.



Susanne Rohmert
Manager International Product Communications
Tel.: +49 6142/7-51 246

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