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21 Sep 2016


Paris is the capital of luxury and fashion, so it was only natural for DS Automobiles to choose the Paris Motor Show to launch Commandes Spéciales, the trial based on bespoke DS design. This initiative is inspired by the history of DS, with the Presidential DS and Prestige DS vehicles. It also echoes the expertise of leading French luxury firms with their bespoke or personalised services. The first practical example, designed for a customer: DS 5 Commande Spéciale.


In the past, DS fulfilled special orders for celebrities, politicians, etc. Today, these vehicles are known the world over. DS has placed its expertise at the service of creativity and customer requirements on many occasions. Projects included bespoke armoured vehicles, such as the one built for General de Gaulle, partnerships with coachbuilders such as Chapron, and a multitude of colours for the roof and body of the original DS, since personalisation has always been part of our genes.

"Who among us has never dreamed of owning a unique model, designed by and for ourselves? Well, now you can with DS," says Eric Apode, DS Vice President, Products and Development. "Personalisation is part of our brand positioning. Today, we are taking a new step forward with this DS 5 and a level of personalisation close to bespoke design. In the longer term, this possibility will be available across the collection, exclusively at DS World Paris. The world of haute couture in a car!"

With DS, a brand whose ambition is to bring French luxury to the automotive sector, customers can make their dream a reality. The first initiative developed as part of this unique approach, combining co-design with bespoke specifications, is: DS 5 Commande Spéciale, premiered at the Paris Motor Show. Project review...

Making the dream a reality

The story starts with a wish. Your wish to own a car that is truly YOURS because you are unique, because you have specific requirements or because you want to treat yourself... Mme L., a customer of DS 5, shares, expresses and describes her wish to the Style Director of DS Automobiles, Thierry Metroz.

For Thierry Metroz: “The range of possibilities is virtually endless. Customers can change the whole ambience of their DS, from the choice of leather for the seats and dashboard, through to the exceptional materials used for the protective mats. Working with a designer, customers will also be able to create their own colour for the bodywork. We have considerable margin for creative ideas".

Once the list of requirements has been issued and shared*, the craftspeople and experts of DS set to work with meticulous precision, to create, build and give shape to a jewel of a car.

Bespoke specifications and co-design for DS 5 Commande Spéciale

"Through its avant-garde styling, DS 5 is a car apart. So it was only natural that our customer chose this car," explains Thierry Metroz.

Today, for the needs of this first bespoke development, DS craftspeople worked with dexterity and passion over a period of four months. The result: a DS 5 with glittery deep black bodywork in a shade called Stardust Black. This shade was developed specially for the customer of this car, with its highly refined interior design.

Inside the car, the emphasis is very much on elegance. The renowned watchstrap design has been revisited with an exceptional plaited-effect finish on the Nappa leather. This finish can also be seen on the door panels, instrument binnacle, central armrest and rear shelf, and metallic-effect leather on all the interior trim parts (steering wheel trim, door handles, roof trim, etc.).

A crazier touch is added with the use of Amétryne Green velour (a nod to the colour of DS E-Tense, which was admired by the customer) inside the storage compartments and the development of a protective mat, of a softness and thickness unique in the automotive industry, also in Amétryne Green, and featuring a crescendo of colour. The titanium gear lever knob, produced using parametric design and 3D printing, adds the final touch to this bespoke design.

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