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13 Feb 2015


The new CITROËN BERLINGO will be unveiled on 3 March at the Geneva Motor Show. Just before the production model makes its debut, CITROËN is offering a preview in the guise of an upbeat, energetic concept car: the CITROËN BERLINGO MOUNTAIN VIBE CONCEPT. Equipped with a full range of body reinforcements and accessories to drive over hill and dale in search of wide open spaces, the BERLINGO MOUNTAIN VIBE CONCEPT is the ideal vehicle for all those looking for field sports and freedom.


The New CITROËN BERLINGO is on display at the Geneva Motor Show in an upbeat, energetic version. Inviting you to live each minute to the full, the MOUNTAIN VIBE CONCEPT is a vehicle that brings to mind leisure and the joys of nature, combining practical features with sheer sensations. Cheery and functional, it throws open all new ranges of possibilities for freedom and escape.

A vehicle of bold exterior design, the BERLINGO MOUNTAIN VIBE CONCEPT is an invitation to explore uncharted territory. The topographic lines on the body give the vehicle its signature, inviting you to leave the beaten path and head for the hills. This original Pink graphic feature reinforces the personality of this concept car. Also found on the fog lamp surrounds, the Pink is a perfect match for the Mountain Green bodywork, forming a fresh and upbeat duo.

The exterior styling is completed by sill panel and wheel arch reinforcements. The tyres are equipped with pink snow chains, while the roof bars are covered in Pink foam. All these features give it a cheery go-anywhere look that is both modern and high-tech. With the Grip Control function, it is easy to imagine this vehicle scaling the Swiss mountains, its boot full of equipment for mountain sports: climbing, snowboarding or snowshoe walking.

Inside the car, the front seats and three independent seats in row 2 are upholstered in LIBERIA, an embossed marl grey technical fabric. The Pink topstitching adds a cheerful note to the cabin, underlining the friendly personality of the BERLINGO MOUNTAIN VIBE CONCEPT.

Passengers will appreciate the light and exterior view offered by the glazed Modutop® roof and generously sized opening rear window.

Clever and functional, the BERLINGO MOUNTAIN VIBE CONCEPT brings a bright, fresh touch to the New CITROËN BERLINGO, the constantly renewed benchmark in the leisure vehicle category. The onboard watchwords are freedom and enjoyment, setting the scene for unforgettable memories.

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