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16 Sep 2020

Today, Citroën is launching the film “Citroën ë-Jumpy – 100% ëlectric: now silent, and still as practical”. The scenario is 100% inspired by the daily lives of tradespeople: every day, they start their commercial vehicle in the early hours, with the household still asleep. A routine that has been repeated throughout the different eras, right up to the new Citroën ë-Jumpy – 100% ëlectric, which has the same capabilities as the internal combustion engine versions, but with silence in addition! The film is released on social networks from today:

09 Sep 2020

Citroën is launching today the second film « New Citroën C4, Opën the way ». The film features the car that goes through the key eras of Citroën hatchbacks, happy moments of mobility and freedom engraved in the collective imagination. The song Oh Happy Day is the anthem of the new global advertising campaign. Aired on social networks today, the film can be previewed here:

03 Sep 2020

During the summer, Citroën launched the film “New C3, life is more beautiful in colour” to accompany the worldwide launch of its versatile city car which has already attracted over 4.5 million drivers since 2002. The scenario takes the viewer into a video in the heart of a city where the colours of New C3 are in harmony with the settings, situations and encounters. It has to be said that with 97 personalisation combinations, New C3 offers an unrivalled palette to attract everyone, or nearly everyone! You can watch the film online:

02 Sep 2020

Today, Citroën is launching the film “New C4, opën the way”. The scenario is a sort of return to the future… but from today, and 100% inspired by the pleasure of driving a hatchback like those that Citroën’s range has been offering since 1928. Like Proust’s madeleine, Citroën’s comfort has an impact on each generation. The film showcases a father and son who experience the same feeling of comfort and character on board their new Citroën, some years apart. They cannot find the words to fully express themselves, so much so that they can only exclaim ‘Oh la la!’. Released on social networks today, you can watch the film ahead of the commercial launch at the end of the year:

21 Aug 2020

Revealed on February 27 at Paris La Défense Arena, commercialized in Fnac and Darty stores and in the Citroën dealership network since June 15, Ami - 100% ëlectric unveils its very first advertising campaign. Broadcast from Sunday August 23 in France, the TV film is to be discovered in preview on YouTube: Film :

10 Jan 2020

Citroën launches in early 2020 a saga of 5 advertising films directed by Eric Judor. These episodes show with humour how hard is to leave the comfort of a Citroën. For each film, one of the Brand’s models is staged in a surprising situation where the occupants prefer to stay inside their vehicle to carry out an activity that would normally be done outside. The models presented in these films are: C3 Aircross SUV, C5 Aircross SUV, C3, C4 Cactus and Berlingo. The various episodes of this campaign, entitled “It isn’t easy to leave the comfort of a Citroën”, will be broadcast on television and on social media throughout the year to support the Brand activations.

03 Jan 2020

Citroën is today launching the film ‘Citroën C3 Aircross SUV: more space, more possibilities’. A 100% Inspired by You storyline: under the watchful eye of her father, a young girl tries her hand at a number of activities (mountain biking, pottery, etc.) until she finds the one that is right for her: music. The perfect companion for these adventures is none other than Citroën C3 Aircross SUV which, via its unparalleled space on board and modularity, adapts itself to any needs, even those of a bulky instrument like the cello! Broadcast on TV from 6 January in Italy and Great Britain, a preview of this worldwide film can be seen at

19 Dec 2019

Citroën is bringing the year of its Centenary to a close with a final instalment of its brand campaign, ‘the hitchhiker’. The film features New C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid and opens with a strong message: ‘For one 100 years, Citroën has made automobile accessible to all. In 2020, Citroën will make electric available to all’. Available to watch on social networks from 19 December, on TV in France from 26 December and now at

09 Dec 2019

Citroën is continuing its ‘Do it all’ story, with a new film for its commercial range (Berlingo Van, Jumpy/Dispatch, Jumper/Relay and their conversions). The setting: during a village festival, Michel, a tradesman, meets various people. When each of them tells him what their job is, Michel always replies “The same !”. Hard to believe… but all becomes clear when he sets off at the wheel of his Berlingo Van, the ultra-versatile commercial vehicle which does it all, just like its owner! Broadcast on TV from 6 December in France, you can see this worldwide campaign at

03 Dec 2019

Citroën is today unveiling the film Citroën C5 Aircross SUV: disconnect in complete comfort, a brand-new TV campaign. The setting: along the routes being travelled by a family, the father seems to be desperately searching for a signal with his phone… Unless it’s the other way round: actually disconnecting on board his Citroën C5 Aircross SUV, whose exceptional comfort is an invitation to let go. Filmed in India, in the provinces of Rajasthan and Maharashtra, this worldwide campaign will mark Citroën’s arrival in the country in 2020. Broadcast on TV from 2 December in the Netherlands, you can see this new film now at

28 Nov 2019

Citroën C3 is coming back to television with a new campaign from Éric Judor, to showcase its strength: personalisation. In it, we see police officers looking for a Citroën C3. However, the 36 combinations offered by the Brand’s best-seller do not make their task any easier. It will be broadcast from 1st December, with a preview available via this link:

24 Jun 2019

The anti motion sickness glasses SEETROËN campaign won three prizes at Cannes Lions 2019, the International Festival of Creativity, which took place from 17 to 21 June. This campaign made with the agency Traction (BETC) obtains the Silver and Bronze Lions, in the Outdoor category, and the Bronze Lion in the Brand Experience & activation category. Since its launch, the campaign has already exceeded 20 million views online and 15,000 sales of the glasses. Find the video:

24 Apr 2019

The book “100 ans de Publicité Citroën” (“100 years of Citroën Advertising”), written by advertising legend Jacques Séguéla, is available in a collector’s edition on the website of the Citroën lifestyle e-shop: Two other books on the history of the brand and its models highlight the players, innovations, design, etc., explaining why Citroën is one of the most collected brands in the world. Find all the visuals here:

08 Apr 2019

Citroën has won the “Best TV Sponsorship” award in the UK for the “First Dates” campaign broadcast launched in 2018 on Channel 4 for the programme of the same name The campaign features Citroën’s French romantic expert providing advice on how to find love The prize recognises the creativity and the results obtained with the films which can be seen here:

19 Feb 2019

2019 is a major year for Citroën. At 100 years of age, this iconic brand has never been so young. Citroën is among those heritage brands, with which we have always lived, and which we feel close to. Just by mentioning the 2CV, the Méhari, or the type H, cars associated with the history of all French people… But Citroën is also a brand with an out of the ordinary advertising legacy. For a start André Citroën, its founder, lit up the Eiffel Tower with the letters of his brand for no fewer than 11 years. Jacques Séguéla took over the reins for decades. As a result, it could not miss out on its centenary, and with its agency Traction (BETC Group) has put in place an exceptional package to, at 100 years of age, cultivate the same energy which it has always had: - an innovative process in terms of producing campaigns has been put in place to provide the whole year’s advertising material, - gatherings of people created across the whole world, - wide use of social networks with activations giving a voice to fans, - unveilings of brand new concepts showing the future vision of the Brand. And still with the same guiding principles: remaining a popular brand in the true sense of the word, with a more relaxed vision of the motor vehicle. Citroën and its agency Traction (BETC) have therefore put in place a bold and unprecedented organisation in order to design, develop, produce and distribute almost 20 campaigns (TV, print, SoMe, etc.) from the very first few days of the year – the whole of the brand’s advertising package has been renewed in this way.

30 Jan 2019

- On the occasion of the International Automobile Festival, Citroën was doubly rewarded during the opening ceremony of the 34th hosting of this major automotive design gathering, with the Award for Art and the Award for most beautiful advertising film of the year. - From today, the audience can discover the fruit of the collaboration which has been rewarded: the E -MEHARI Art Car designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac produced to celebrate Méhari’s 50th birthday. This unique model is on display from 31 January to 3 February at Les Invalides for the whole duration of the Festival.

23 Jan 2019

- In 2019, Citroën returns to the screen with two new films showcasing Citroën C3, which has already sold over 500,000 units since its launch in November 2016. - The first film is inspired by Marc, a judo player who appreciates the comfort of his car after a pretty hard training session. - The second film highlights the personalisation provided by C3 so that each of the sisters in a family can express their difference! - The first film has been broadcast in France since 20 January and the two films can be seen at

20 Dec 2018

- In 2019, Citroën will celebrate its 100 years: 100 years of audacity, of innovations, of sporting exploits and of iconic advertising. - We find all of these ingredients in the new version of the Brand campaign which features the hitchhiker once again in four brand new clips. - On the programme: new models which are iconic but also with personalities inseparable from the Brand’s history! - This new episode will be broadcast from 30 December and a preview can be seen at

18 Dec 2018

- Recently selected as a finalist in the European election of the car of the year, New C5 Aircross SUV today unveils the advertising campaign which will support the commercial launch of THE COMFORT CLASS SUV. - The film shows Citroën’s new flagship braving the untamed exterior elements, playing on the contrast with its insulated passenger compartment with benchmark comfort for its 5 occupants. It is followed by the film’s signature: “Real strength comes from the inside”. - Broadcast in France from 3 January, a preview of this new campaign can be seen at

16 Nov 2018

To support the launch of New Berlingo VAN, Citroën is unveiling an advertising campaign which is more ‘Inspired by Pro’ than ever with two original films. Each one showcases the daily work of a tradesperson and their apprentices on board the newly-crowned ‘International Van of the Year 2019’! The campaign humorously shows how the van provides the professional, preoccupied by their many activities, with the best partner to be sure of not forgetting anything and coping with all situations, with as a conclusion: ‘New Citroën Berlingo Van, like you it does it all.’ Broadcast in France from 17 November, these new advertising films can be previewed at:

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