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10 Apr 2019

Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY19 and U-Go by Leasys Inaugurate the Mobility of the Future

Alfa Romeo Giulietta evolves with the MY19 and is projected into the future of mobility by launching U-Go by Leasys, the first integrated platform that offers Leasys retail customers the possibility of sharing their car.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY19 and U-Go by Leasys Inaugurate the Mobility of the Future


  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta evolves with the MY19 and is projected into the future of mobility by launching U-Go by Leasys, the first integrated platform that offers Leasys retail customers the possibility of sharing their car.
  • The unmistakable flair of Giulietta evolves with MY19: new style elements and new range designed to increase the customisation potentials and enhance the elegant and sporty personalities of Giulietta.
  • U-Go by Leasys is the first, innovative peer-to-peer car sharing platform in Europe with no equals in the automotive world.
  • Giulietta and U-Go by Leasys are the perfect combination to join the concepts of shared integrated mobility, style and driving pleasure.
  • With the Be Free rental formula, elected "Product of the year 2019"*, and U-Go by Leasys, Giulietta owners can share their car and reduce running costs.
  • Equipment and prices vary from country to country and the following text describes data in common to all markets. For more specific details and prices, go to the local press websites.


The Model Year 2019 reasserts the unmistakable style and sporty personality of Giulietta capable of winning over motorists attracted by its Italian style and technical excellence offering maximum driving satisfaction in total safety. Giulietta embodies the unrivalled "Alfa Spirit" that for over one century has typified the cars made by Alfa Romeo. The car is light and efficient as a result of the choice of materials and its weight-to-power ratio displaying the care for detail typical of the very best Italian design. The mid-size Alfa Romeo remains true to the features of agility, responsive steering, evolved suspensions and balanced weight distribution which made it successful. It also packs important innovations in terms of customisation with new style elements sure to attract customers looking for a very elegant car through which they can express their flair by means of tailored offers. The range is counts five trim levels and six new packs to provide answers to the most varied demands of customers. The engine line-up includes a 1.4-litre 120 HP turbo petrol, a 1.6-litre 120 HP Multijet with manual or Alfa TCT automatic transmission, and a tweaked, high-performing 2.0 -litre 170 HP with Alfa TCT.
Giulietta MY19 is being projected into the future of mobility with U-Go by Leasys, the first innovative and integrated mobility platform that offers peer-to-peer car sharing solutions to retail customers and exclusive car rental plans offered by Winrent, the short-term rental operator recently acquired by Leasys.


The new range: trim levels and packs that express two personalities of the model

Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY 2019 has a new range designed to meet the needs of each customer. The Super and Sport trim levels have been revisited in terms of content, while the new Executive and Veloce are being introduced. The latter two, in particular, were designed to enhance the elegant and the sporty personality of Giulietta, respectively.
The Giulietta Super stands out for elegant looks set off up a new bumper with satin silver inserts. Equipment for optimal comfort is standard, such as two-zone automatic climate control, cruise control, steering wheel controls and Uconnect infotainment with 5-inch touchscreen. The new Sport trim level, on the other hand, expresses the most authentic character of Alfa Romeo, underlined by 17-inch five-hole light alloy wheels, red inserts on the bumper, sporty new interiors with contrasting red stitching, side skirts and tinted windows. The new Executive trim level is a further expression of elegance and distinction with exclusive satin finish mirror caps that perfectly match the window profiles. Once again, equipment is selected to enhance maximum comfort. Standard are the UConnect Radio-Nav 6.5-inch infotainment system with DAB and 3D sat nav, rain and light sensors, electrochromic interior rear-view mirror, electric rear-view mirrors and front and rear parking sensors. Finally, the new Veloce trim level has plenty of elements chosen to enhance its dynamic look, such as metal-flake piano black trim on mirror caps, grille, handles, exhaust pipes and 18-inch alloy wheels, miniskirts and sports bumper with striking yellow profile. Technical features include oversized Brembo braking system for even more exciting handling. Inside, the sporty vocation of Giulietta Veloce is confirmed by new fabric and Alcantara seats with contrasting yellow stitching and head restraints with the Alfa Romeo logo, aluminium pedals and kick plate and matte anthracite trim. The new range of Giulietta MY19 expand the opportunities for customisation with new contents, like new 18-inch wheels with glossy black diamond finish and new "testa di moro" colour leather interiors.
The new range also includes new packs to configure the car with an increasingly tailor-made approach, such as the Carbon Look Pack, the Veloce Pack (in the Alfa Red and the Yellow Corsa variants), the Tech Pack and the Business Pack created for fleet customers.
The complete press kit of Giulietta MY19 is available on from the Alfa Romeo press website at this link.

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY19, Ambassador of the U-Go by Leasys Project - The Perfect Combination of Style and Mobility

For the first time, users of a service like this can get behind the wheel of a car which is perfect for navigating city streets with elegance and unmistakable style, but which is also ready to take on long trips with trademark sportiness and great driving pleasure. The partnership of Giulietta and U-Go marks the entry point into the Alfa Romeo world and that of Leasys integrated shared mobility services.



Leasys is the FCA Bank subsidiary that develops and offers comprehensive and innovative mobility services for retail customers, professionals and companies of all sizes. The Leasys portfolio includes short and long-term rental solutions and peer-to-peer car sharing through U-Go by Leasys to provide answers to all mobility needs from 5 minutes to a lifetime. It was established in Italy in 2001 and since 2017 it has expanded its presence in Europe. Today, Leasys operates in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, managing over 45,000 customers with a fleet of about 250,000 vehicles. It is expanding and by 2021 will be present in 13 European countries with a fleet of about 450,000 vehicles.


Be Free, Italy's best-selling private lease

Be Free is the simple rental formula for enjoying mobility free from the problems related to car management. The main characteristics of Be Free are flexibility, the absence of down payments and a fixed monthly charge that covers the main service, mobility information and insurance services, making the product one of the best alternatives to vehicle ownership for every type of target. Everything can be easily managed through the "Leasys App".
Furthermore, with Be-Free, customers can return their car without penalty after 2 years. Elected "Product of the Year 2019"* in the car services category, Be Free is present in Italy and in the main European countries. In Italy, 15,000 customers have chosen it since it was launched in 2016. Today, it represents 40% of the car fleet rented to retail customers on the road. In Europe, it has already been chosen by 25,000 customers and the goal for 2021 is to reach 100,000. What is more, Be Free customers can share their car with U-Go by Leasys.


U-Go by Leasys: new form of shared mobility, efficient and sustainable too

U-Go by Leasys is designed for all Leasys customers with an aptitude for sharing, who are seeking new, smarter, safer, no-waste mobility solutions which are also social to go beyond mere economic savings. With U-Go Leasys, customers can contain the monthly expense of the rental fee by sharing their car. These users called U-Go Players can make their Giulietta available to U-Go Users who need a car for a few hours or a few days. The platform, accessible both from the website and from the app, is where Players and Users can meet. Players sign up indicating the features of their cars, availability time and daily rate. Users, on the other hand, can sign up and locate a car by city and period of interest, arranging the pick-up and payment with the U-Go Player. At the end of the sharing period, they can review each other. That is how U-Go turns social, creating a community through direct feedback and a peer-review system that fosters virtuous reputation mechanisms. The U-Go service includes the Leasys short-term rental solutions in addition to those of the retail sector. The cars are available at special, advantageous rates allowing U-Go to provide widespread response to local mobility needs. With U-Go by Leasys, mobility becomes shared, efficient and sustainable.
U-Go by Leasys has just recently launched in Italy. It is being internationalised and will land in France, Spain and the United Kingdom in September 2019, and in the remaining countries where Leasys is present by the end of the year. U-Go by Leasys is new but is growing rapidly. It is estimated to reach 50,000 registered users by 2021.


Equipment and prices vary from country to country and the following text describes data in common to all markets. For more specific details and prices, go to the local press websites.


Turin, 10 April 2019


*PdA©/IRI 01/2019 survey of 12,000 Italian consumers, on a selection of products sold in Italy. cat. BE FREE Car Services elected 2019 product of the year for innovation



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